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Free Range Outdoor Pig Equipment

John Harvey Engineering Ltd have been producing outdoor livestock equipment for over twenty years. Situated in Suffolk, we are always striving to develop our products to the highest quality and welfare regulations.

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We endeavor to make our equipment easy to assemble and easy to use. Safety is important to us; both for the livestock and for the stockman therefore assessments have been carried out on all our products and full information will be given upon purchase.

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Weaner Hut

Our Weaner huts are available in 4 different sizes. They are built out of heavy duty galvanised sheets with a 3mm galvanised frame. The inner can be insulated with a plastic liner to help aid the comfort and growth of your pigs as well coping with sterile wash downs. All our huts come with the option of a galvanised lifting frame or brackets.


Our 4 tonne feed dispenser is capable of dispensing 6mm pellets. This dispenses cob as usual but has also been specially designed to deliver smaller feed efficiently into our Long Troughs with the aid of hydraulic metering and spinner systems. Maintenance is also made easier with a shut off side plate so the spinner and metering unit can be removed without having to empty the hopper. There is also a chute on the rear if bucket feeding is preferred.

New Larger Farrowing Hut

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FD4 Accurately Feeding into Long Troughs