Ad-Lib Feeder

Ad-Lib Feeders/Hoppers

Our ad-lib feeders are available in three sizes – half tonne, one tonne and two tonne versions. They come with a steel lid, high tine boxes and lower level flaps.

All ad-lib feeders are double sided and are suitable for all types of feed, taking cob, rolls, pellets, pencils and meal.

Ad-Lib Feeding

Max No. Pigs per Space

Feeder Type

(We only produce a Full Head Barrier version)

6 Dry Feeder with No Barriers
10 Full Head Barriers
14 Wet & Dry Feeders

Half Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The half tonne version has 3 divisions per side with a simple slide and hinge lid. The choke is quickly adjusted using the external quadrant.

One Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The one tonne version has 5 divisions per side and has an easy adjustment with slide and tilt lid for safety in windy conditions.

Two Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The two tonne ad-lib feeder has 10 divisions per side and has the option of top hinged low level flaps. It has adjustable height legs for muck build up. It is particularly suitable for cattle yard conversions.