Drinker Hurdle

Drinker hurdles complete with the option of a Nipple Bar Drinker Trough. The drinker system s are easily adjustable according to the age and height of the pigs. The hurdle is made up of smooth plastic for easy cleaning which is secured to the frame with roofing bolts ensuring durability and longevity.

Channel drinker trough, fitted with T-Brackets, on height adjustable drinker hurdle. The hinged lid gives quick access to the ball float when maintenance is needed along with sloped ends to help with cleaning.

Channel Drinker Trough is available in two widths

6″ or 10″.

Standard trough 2.3m shown above = 154 Pigs at 40+ kg

183cm (6″)wide Open Trough = 7.5 – 50 kg Pigs

305cm (10″) wide Open Trough = 40 – 110 kg Pigs

Nipple Bar Trough = 10 Pigs per Nipple.

Nipple Bar Trough suitable for 7.5 – 110kg pigs.

Anti-frost system catering for easy of use and cleaning in all weathers. it secures to the hurdle with anti-loose locks.