Dry Sow Huts

Dry sow huts are available 8’6″ wide by either 12′ (6 sows), 15′ (8 sows), 18′ (9 sows) or 21′ (10 sows) long.

Rear vent showing with roof lifting frame

Dry Sow Hut Laying Area

Sow (mature) = 1.5m2

Gilt (first & second Parity) = 1m2

For more details on Space Allowance Click Here

Front view, showing square lifting brackets.

  • Large door allows two pigs through at once and easy strawing up (accepts round or D1000 bales)
  • Heavy-duty, galvanised corrugated roof sheets
  • Self cleaning 3mm galvanised side frames
  • 3mm fully welded steel ends for added strength and durability
  • Door step to stop straw coming out of hut
  • Available with: rear vent wood, double door and lifting frame

Dry sow hut, showing double door option.

Back view, showing slide vent & lifting bracket