Feed Equipment

Effective and efficient feed management has become an essential factor in ensuring continued success for outdoor pig producers. Using our range of feeders can achieve food savings of an average 8-15% plus a reduction in carbon footprint. Various sizes of pellets can be used instead of cob, which are cheaper to purchase. The amount of feed going to birds is reduced, which results in better bio-security and reduced incidence of avian salmonella. This also results in less leaching of nutrients into the soil and a significant reduction in pigs digging over soil looking for food. With modified feed machines the whole operation is much quicker.

Overall, this is improving the image of outdoor pigs within key organisations such as Defra, Natural England, The RSPB and Catchment Sensitive Farming. It can also help the producer to secure sites with arable farmers who experience fewer problems with their land after the pigs have moved site.

Long Feed Troughs

Where large groups of sows are kept together, our long feed troughs provide the perfect solution. These troughs are available in two standard lengths, 6m and 7.5m and can be simply joined together to provide a continuous run of troughs. This works perfectly if feed is delivered to troughs mechanically. Troughs can be mounted on woods to prevent water logging, as shown below.

  • Trough space: Gilts 0.75m/Sows 1m.
  • Differing drain holes (notched corners, 30mm hole as standard or 45mm hole) are available in replaceable trough ends to suit specific site conditions. Bungs are available if troughs are ever required to double as water troughs (in frozen conditions for example).
  • Strengthening cross bars allow for troughs to be stacked when moving sites and also can be used with our lifting attachment.
  • Ground anchors are available to eradicate trough movement and are available in different options to suit site conditions.
  • Mounted on woods to prevent water logging.

Long feed troughs – no woods.

Long feed troughs – no woods.

Trough on woods.

Farrow Feeders

When individual farrowing, our Farrow Feeders allow for precise feeding (up to 15Kg of food) maintaining all the benefits of our long troughs by providing longer term feed protection to allow the animal to return to the feeder as many times as she needs without food being lost to the birds. These troughs can be free standing or alternatively can be attached to a tank if required (see our Farrow Feeder Combination). They are also able, with the aid of the rear shute, to be used successfully with mechanical feed wagons. As a percentage of feed saved the farrow feeders have proved extremely successful.

As you can see from the pictures below the single farrow feeder comes mounted on a chequer plate base which is 0.9m x 0.9m. There is also the option of a rain guard (pictures available soon) and/or with the option of a rear plastic chute.

Feeders have a feed indicator so stockmen know how much feed to give specific animals and ground anchors are available as optional extras to suit site conditions to prevent feeder movement.

Single farrow feeders with plastic chutes.

Single farrow feeders with plastic chutes.

Ad-Lib Farrow Feeder 150kg

Ad-lib 150Kg capacity farrow feeder for groups of up to 10 sows. Designed for most feed forms. Hot dipped galvanised with easy choke adjustment and lock up/down lid. Option of forklift side brackets and can be attached to water tanks. The flap/pins are as fitted to the individual farrow feeders.

Farrow Feeder Combination

Also available is our Farrow Feeder Combination – this comprises of two farrow feeders with a 250 litre anti-bacterial water tank and a stand containing two large bit nipples, a level indicator and float valve. These provide clean drinking water thus helping to improve weaning weights.

Ad-Lib Feeders/Hoppers

Our ad-lib feeders are available in three sizes – half tonne, one tonne and two tonne versions. They come with a steel lid, high tine boxes and lower level flaps.

All ad-lib feeders are double sided and are suitable for all types of feed, taking cob, rolls, pellets, pencils and meal.

Half Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The half tonne version has 3 divisions per side with a simple slide and hinge lid. The choke is quickly adjusted using the external quadrant.

The half tonne version.

The half tonne version.

The half tonne version.

The half tonne version.

One Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The one tonne version has 5 divisions per side and has an easy adjustment with slide and tilt lid for safety in windy conditions.

The one tonne version.

The one tonne version.

Two Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder.

The two tonne ad-lib feeder has 10 divisions per side and has the option of top hinged low level flaps. It has adjustable height legs for muck build up. It is particularly suitable for cattle yard conversions.

Wiggle Feeders

Our one tonne wiggle feeder – Freedom Foods recommend 65 pigs per feeder.

  • Pig nudges wiggle bar to release feed giving less wastage and better digestion through slower feeding process.
  • Easily removeable plastic lid.
  • Easy quandrant adjustment for flow rate.
  • Stainless steel bowl with outer lip to reduce wastage.
  • Rainguard available with steps to keep birds away.
  • Can operate with different feed forms.

Plastic Feeders

Plastic feeders are for use within tents – 8 or 9 space options are available.