Feed Equipment

Effective and efficient feed management has become an essential factor in ensuring continued success for outdoor pig producers. Using our range of feeders can achieve food savings of an average 8-15% plus a reduction in carbon footprint. Various sizes of pellets can be used instead of cob, which are cheaper to purchase. The amount of feed going to birds is reduced, which results in better bio-security and reduced incidence of avian salmonella. This also results in less leaching of nutrients into the soil and a significant reduction in pigs digging over soil looking for food. With modified feed machines the whole operation is much quicker.

Overall, this is improving the image of outdoor pigs within key organisations such as Defra, Natural England, The RSPB and Catchment Sensitive Farming. It can also help the producer to secure sites with arable farmers who experience fewer problems with their land after the pigs have moved site.

Ad-Lib Feeder
Farrow Feeder
Field Dispensers
Long Trough
Plastic Feeder
Wiggle Feeder