Long Feed Troughs

Where large groups of sows are kept together, our long feed troughs provide the perfect solution. These troughs are available in two standard lengths, 6m and 7.5m and can be simply joined together to provide a continuous run of troughs. This works perfectly if feed is delivered to troughs mechanically. Troughs can be mounted on woods to prevent water logging, as shown below.

  • Trough space: Gilts 0.75m/Sows 1m.
  • Differing drain holes (notched corners, 30mm hole as standard or 45mm hole) are available in replaceable trough ends to suit specific site conditions. Bungs are available if troughs are ever required to double as water troughs (in frozen conditions for example).
  • Strengthening cross bars allow for troughs to be stacked when moving sites and also can be used with our lifting attachment.
  • Ground anchors are available to eradicate trough movement and are available in different options to suit site conditions.
  • Mounted on woods to prevent water logging.

Long Troughs without wooden supports.