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Field Dispensers

John Harvey of J Harvey Engineering has reached an agreement with Peter Allen to manufacture and sell the full range of machines for the agricultural sector previously made by Peter Allen Feed Dispensers. Whilst Peter will retain the ownership of the design rights, John Harvey Engineering will manufacture, maintain, modify and sell the machines.

‘Peter produced an excellent product’ says John Harvey. Looking back , they have been the mainstay of outdoor units for which the industry must be very grateful. They are reliable and easy to maintain. The latest hydraulic metering cuts feeding times considerably. John continues ‘Peter wants to take a less demanding roles whilst remaining active. We have reached an agreement to be the sole manufacture of the machines.

Peter added ‘This deal makes a lot of sense. The industry needs the machines and John has the ability to deliver. I expect this to be a great success and wish John the best of luck with his new venture.’


Our 4 tonne feed dispenser is capable of dispensing 6mm pellets. This dispenses cob as usual but has also been specially designed to deliver smaller feed efficiently into our Long Troughs with the aid of hydraulic metering and spinner systems. Maintenance is also made easier with a shut off side plate so the spinner and metering unit can be removed without having to empty the hopper. There is also a chute on the rear if bucket feeding is preferred.