Here at John Harvey Engineering Ltd we have invested a lot of time in the development of tents and getting the specification right, both for the pigs and the farmer.

The frame slots together and is easy to assemble. The frame is made with galvanised and painted tubular steel with painted joiners and brackets. The tent can be taken down and moved without undoing any bolts.

The tarpaulin covers are UV resistant, anti-bacterial and heavy duty. The tents come with steel frame plastic clad 8′ x 4′ hurdles which run the perimeter of the tent. These are easy to use, strong and can be power washed down. They can be used with or without a hurdle run for growers, fatteners or dry sows.

As you can see from the picture above (right) additional hurdles can be purchased to form an outside run area for the pigs if electric fencing is not suitable.

Tent Sizes Currently Available

  • 16′ x 21’6″
  • 16′ x 32′
  • 20′ x 32′
  • 20′ x 42′
  • 24′ x 42′

Ideal stocking rates for our standard 16′ x 32′ tent with hurdle run are:

  • Up to 40Kg – 130 Pigs
  • Up to 100Kg – 95 Pigs
  • Dry Sows – 40 Pigs

View our Useful Links page for metric conversion.


Plastic Feeders

  • The plastic feeders as pictured below are designed for in tent use only.
  • In tent plastic feeders – 8 or 9 space options available. Feeder height is easily adjustable.
  • Nine space plastic feeder for up to 40Kg/Eight space plastic feeder for up to 100Kg.

Tent Ventilation

Spigot vent tent roof.

Tent Saddle Tanks

Our saddle tanks have been specifically designed to ensure a plentiful, clean water supply for your animals within the tent. At approximately 3m x 430mm x 330mm they are compact, easy to install and very secure once fitted. They are manufactured in galvanised steel and hold approximately 300 litres when full. Tank supplied with tap and float valve only.

Water Drinking Option For Tents

Option 1 – Stainless Steel Nipple Bar Troughs – 8 Space.

Nipple bar troughs are suitable for using in tents. They can be put either inside the tent or outside if you have external hurdles. They are easy clean and Freedom Foods recommend 10 pigs per nipple. The nipple bar troughs are stainless steel and have eight outlets and are fitted with anti-cracking frost protection. They can be supplied with either vertical or bite nipples.

Option 2 – Channel Troughs.

Option 3 – Tank on Stand. (see image 1)

500 litre tank on height adjustable stand with chequer base plate and 3 bite nipples.

Hurdles and Gates

Gates currently available:

  • Bar Gate – 8′ or 10′ – painted or galvanised.
  • Plastic Clad Gate – 8′ or 10′ – painted or galvanised.
  • Feeder Back Gate – 16′, 20′ or 24′ – painted or galvanised.

Hurdles currently available:

  • Standard Hurdle – 8′ x 4′ – painted or galvanised.
  • Standard Drinker Hurdle – 8′ x 4′ – painted or galvanised.
  • Standard Step Hurdle – 8′ x 4′ – painted or galvanised.
  • Low Hurdle – 8′ x 3′ or 8′ x 3’6″ – painted or galvanised.
  • Low Drinker Hurdle – 8′ x 3′ – painted or galvanised – plastic clad.
  • Plastic Sided Drinker Hurdle with adjustment – 10′ x 4′ – painted.
  • Drinking – option of internal bar/bar trough using modified tent side hurdle with adjustment.

For further details, please see – Hurdles and Gates

View our Useful Links page for metric conversion.


Tent drinker hurdle

Nipple bar trough on tent side hurdle adjustable