John Harvey of J Harvey Engineering has reached agreement with Peter Allen and his daughter Janine Allen Robertson to manufacture and sell the range of machines for the agricultural sector previously made by Peter Allen Feeders.  Whilst Janine will retain ownership of the design rights, John Harvey Engineering will manufacture, upgrade, modify as necessary and sell the
machines. Upgrades being considered will include safety E stops, better access steps, low level warning and improvements to the electronic control box system. Peter Allen will be retained to help the process of training staff and upgrading the machines as well as working on new prototypes of Allen Feeders.

‘Peter produced an excellent product’ says John Harvey ‘and some of his machines are still going strong after 20 years hard work. Looking back they have been the mainstay of outdoor units for which the industry must be very grateful. They are reliable and very easy to maintain. The latest hydraulic metering cuts feeding times considerably.’ John continues ‘Peter wants to take a less demanding role whilst remaining active. He has passed the design rights and intellectual property to his daughter Janine and we have reached an agreement to be the sole manufacturer of the machines. In turn, John Harvey Engineering can now offer the Field Dispenser to those with or setting up new units without long troughs and fit the feeding arm when troughs are used. We will also be manufacturing other machines such as the Auger Hopper Filler and the Creep and Nut Feeder. Hopefully we should be in full swing by Spring of next year. We have already got two machines to make with the upgrades so these will be a good test of our new designs. Janine has had experience in this industry having worked with her father for many years and even ran the business for a short spell. She knows the products well and can help with organisation, supply of components and sales.’

Peter added ‘This deal makes a lot of sense. The industry needs the machines and John has the ability to deliver. I am hoping and expecting this to be very successful and wish John and my daughter the very best of luck with their joint venture.’

Peter Allen worked on the family farm until he joined Gascoigne milking machines at 20 years old and worked on their feed equipment. After 5 years and a trip to Iran Peter left Gascoigne and started buying and selling second hand milking parlours. When he ran out of them he designed and made his own. At one stage he employed 12 staff and had a comprehensive workshop with delivery vehicles. In 1984 the milk quota came in and business within the milk industry became difficult. Peter survived by selling milking parlour feeders called the Rota Feeder. The experience was useful in making the pig feeder which he introduced in 1989 taking some 5 years to get it right. He then developed the spinner With the control box that has been so popular in the outdoor pig industry. The milking parlour Rota Feeder principles were used for the metering unit on the Field Dispenser pig feeder. The new hydraulic metering unit uses the same system and is now updated delivering one kilo per click on the control box. The Creep and Nut feeder took two years to develop and has also been a popular product. All this and hardly any qualifications!

Peter says ‘I have driven around 3 million miles over 55 years to farms all over England and have to admit I have enjoyed every mile and minute of it. The people and scenery are awesome. At 74 I hope working with John and Janine to develop new Allen Feeders and systems and it will be just like getting started again!’