Nipple Bar Trough

Our nipple bar troughs as seen pictured below have been specifically designed, as all our products are, to conform with Freedom Food specifications. They are easily installed and height adjustable so you can raise them as your animals grow.

They have proved to be very effective and are now the preferred drinker by many farmers as our system reduces water wastage, saves straw, increases water intake and in turn improves the growth rates, especially in younger pigs.

 1 Drinking Place = 10 Pigs per

        (nipple)                nipple

The indoor nipple bar troughs are stainless steel and come in various sizes ranging from 2 – 15 nipple spaces which has a trough under the full row of nipples. Each nipple trough comes with a 1m upright pipe and has an anti-loose lock at each end, this can then secure the nipple trough into place when purchased with our height adjustable bracket.

When ordering your nipple bar troughs and deciding how many you may require Freedom Foods recommend 10 pigs per nipple. Units are available with 2 to 15 nipples.

Nipple bar troughs are suitable for use with tents. They can be put either inside the tent or outside if you have external hurdles.

All nipple bar troughs are stainless steel and the tent version has eight outlets and is fitted with an anti-cracking frost protection system. A 500mm upright pipe is standard for outdoor use.

We also offer a variety of nipples to fit the drinker bars, vertical or bite nipple options are available. Our standard size nipple is 1/2″ but they are also available in 3/8″ and 3/4″.