Weaner Huts

Weaner huts are available in a range of sizes for pigs between 7.5 – 40Kg. They are based on our dry sow huts using the same galvanised channels and corrugated sheet.

Recommended stock rates with hurdle runs are:

  • 8’6″ x 15′ – 30 pigs to 40Kg
  • 8’6″ x 18′ – 38 pigs to 40Kg
  • 8’6″ x 21′ – 45 pigs to 40Kg

View our Useful Links page for metric conversion.


Weaners huts with roof lifting frames and hurdles.


Internal view of hut showing plastic lining and rear height adjustable 10 space feeder.


  • Plastic lining.
  • Rear height adjustable 10 space feeder (which holds 250Kg of food).
  • Top hinged rear vent for easy access to feeder.
  • Hurdles to create run area if required – please see Hurdles and Gates.
  • Drinker hurdle with drinker system – please see Water and Drinking Systems.
  • Option of roof lifting frame.