Weaner Huts

Weaner huts are available in a range of sizes to accommodate each individual setup. Our weaner huts are available in 4 sizes and are built out of heavy duty galvanised corrugated sheets with a 3mm galvanised frame at ground level, the hut can then be insulated with a plastic liner which helps with insulation and wash downs. This is one of our options along with  wooden rear sliding vent built into a larger lift up hatch for easy feeding and observation checks, a clear plastic curtain with fixing rail and either galvanised lifting hooks or a stronger galvanised frame. If you would like more information our knowledgeable and experienced team are on hand to advise you further.

Hut Sizes:

  • 8’6″ x 12′ (259 x 365 cm)
  • 8’6″ x 15′ (259 x 457 cm)
  • 8’6″ x 18′ (259 x 548 cm)
  • 8’6″ x 21′ (259 x 640 cm)

Recommended stock rates with hurdle runs:

  • 8’6″ x 15′ – 30 pigs to 40kg
  • 8’6″ x 18′ – 38 pigs to 40kg
  • 8’6″ x 21′ – 45 pigs to 40kg

Corrugated Hut with Lifting Hooks.

Weaners huts with roof lifting frame and hurdles which can be added to create a run area.

Rear view of hut showing twin lockable hatch with optional sliding wooden vent which gives easy access for feeding. Our Weaner hut also has 3 height adjustable locking latches  to secure our feeder in place.

Internal view of hut showing optional plastic lining and height adjustable feeder.

Weaner hut with different hurdle options.

Image showing our Weaner hut with the option of a plastic curtain for an easy access doorway.